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Sunday, 24 November 2013 19:47

Windows can really complement the appearance of a home or building. When choosing a type of window glass, you need to consider the look you want, as well as the practical aspects of the glass.  You might be wondering, what are the different types of window glass you can put on your home. This article sorts types of window glass by where it is typically used: in the home or in a commercial building. Read on to learn more about the different types.

For Houses

Sheet glass, also known as float glass, is the typical glass found in older homes. Now, Low-e glass is recommended because it is efficient in keeping heat out. It allows certain sources through it, but keeps out the excess heat trying to penetrate through your windows.

Tinted glass has a tint to it that keeps out the light. By keeping out the light, the goal is to keep out unnecessary heat. However at the same time, when there is an overcast day, this type of glass blocks out the light almost too much.

Pattered glass is used to insure privacy. This type of glass has a pattern on one side to prevent other people from seeing through the glass. This is the most common type of bathroom glass used for privacy purposes.

For Commercial Buildings

Horticulture glass is less expensive than the typical sheet glass and is typically used when constructing greenhouses.

Tempered glass not only has safety features for homes, but for vehicles as well. If tempered glass breaks, it crumbles into pieces to prevent shards of glass from hurting anyone.

Wired glass is used for security purposes. This specific type of glass has steel wire mesh imbedded into the glass. This type of glass not only provides reinforcement, but also keeps fire from spreading.


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