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Tuesday, 04 December 2012 18:46


Laminated Glass - this Glass is best for reducing noise. It also resists ultraviolet rays, providing the highest degree of protection from sun rays to your home furnishings.


There is no doubt that the introduction of laminated safety glass has provided a versatile product that meets the needs of today’s safety requirements. As one of Valiant’s most popular products laminated glass offers a safe alternative to ordinary annealed glass for home and commercial buildings. Laminated glass is now used in a wide range of applications including doors, windows, shower screens, glass roofs, balustrades, displays and other situations where this product offers the best solution. It consists of two sheets of annealed glass bonded together with a plastic interlayer to provide one of the safest products in the market. Its main features are its added strength, safety and also security when subject to damage from vandalism or accidental breakage.

Types of laminated glass

The most popular laminated glass is the standard clear laminated which is used in domestic sliding doors, low level glazing, internal office partitions, office windows and shop windows and doors. Valiant stocks a wide range of sizes and thickness of clear laminated to cater for the requirements of all of these applications whether you require new installation or emergency glass replacement. In addition to clear laminated there are a number of alternatives including tinted, patterned, frosted and high performance coated laminates available for use in homes and businesses. Valiant even have the ability to have custom made laminates manufactured for unique applications upon request. As a superior glass product we highly recommend laminated glass for use in any of your future domestic or commercial projects.


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Thursday, 27 September 2012 00:00


Tempered Glass - tempered Glass is extremely strong and often used for its safety features. This is not extra strong but if it breaks, it will break into small pieces like stone.

Tempered glass is one of two kinds of safety glass regularly used in applications in which standard glass could pose a potential danger. Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than standard glass and does not break into sharp shards when it fails. Tempered glass is manufactured through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling, making it harder than normal glass.

The brittle nature of tempered glass causes it to shatter into small oval-shaped pebbles when broken. This eliminates the danger of sharp edges. Due to this property, along with its strength, tempered glass is often referred to as safety glass.

The thermal process that cures tempered glass also makes it heat resistant. Tempered glass is used to make the carafes in automatic coffee makers and the windows in ovens. Computer screens, skylights, door windows, tub enclosures and shower doors are more examples of places you will find tempered glass. Building codes also require the windows of many public structures to be made of tempered glass.

Automobiles use a different type of safety glass for the windshield and tempered glass for the back and side windows. Windshields are made from laminated glass, which sandwiches a sheet of plastic between two panels of glass. When the windshield breaks, the glass panels stick to the plastic film, rather than falling away to possibly injure the driver or other passengers.

Tempered glass breaks in a unique way. If any part of the glass fails, the entire panel shatters at once. This distinguishes it from normal glass, which might experience a small crack or localized breakage from an isolated impact. Tempered glass might also fail long after the event that caused the failure. Stresses continue to play until the defect erupts, triggering breakage of the entire panel.

In recent years, acrylic has replaced tempered glass in many applications in which heat is not a factor. Acrylic is 20 times more impact resistant than glass and does not shatter like tempered glass. Instead, acrylic dents if the impact is strong enough. If the force is sufficient to cause acrylic to fail, it will crack without shattering.

Acrylic is also half the weight of glass and has many other advantages. However, it is flammable. Therefore, you won’t find an acrylic coffee carafe or oven door.


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Thursday, 20 September 2012 18:41

Stained Glass - it is a colorful Glass used to create a dramatic effect in every room of your home

Stained glass is an art form in which colored glass is cut into shapes and placed into a mosaic to form a picture. The glass is held in place by metal strips soldered together to gives the stained glass strength and stability.

Stained glass is most commonly seen in church windows, where it typically depicts saints or scenes from the Bible, but stained glass windows do not necessarily have to depict a scene at all. They can simply be a brightly colored geometric design. The famous Rose Window of Notre Dame is made up of many small pictures that together form a geometric pattern, which creates the overall impression - one must study the window in detail to see that it is indeed a collection of small pictures. The Rose Window's name refers not to the scenes themselves but to the wooden or stone structure that supports the glass, which is radial and composed of many small, petal-like openings into which the glass is set. Often, fine details of the scene are painted on the colored glass, which is then heated to bond the paint to the glass, and thereby 'stained'.

The glass used in stained glass is colored in the manufacturing process by the addition of salts that cause it to take on particular colors. Then the glass is made into sheets, from which individual pieces can be cut with glass cutting tools. The glass sheets can be made in a variety of textures, and the uneven or pebbly surface of some stained glass sheets gives the resultant picture a jeweled look when light passes through it.

Although stained glass windows, whether for church or home, are the most common form of stained glass artwork, it is also used for decorator features. The famous lamps of Louis Tiffany are examples of stained glass artworks that are much admired and imitated today. Tiffany added opaque or milky glass to the stained glass palette, which greatly increased the effects that could be achieved. Today, stained glass art is a popular hobby, and many people enjoy cutting and fitting together pieces of colored glass to form attractive pictures both large and small. When a piece of stained glass art is small and meant to be displayed in the window where it catches the sun, it is often called a uncatcher




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Obscure Glass PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 04 October 2012 00:00

Obscure Glass - this type of glass provides you privacy but allows abundant light to enter the room.

Perfect for bathrooms, obscure window glass protects your privacy but allows abundant light to enter the room. With countless options and combinations, from sun and noise protection to obscure privacy glass.

An obscure glass window is, as the name suggests, a window designed to allow light into the interior of your space without appearing to be a window from the exterior. This is particularly common in bathrooms where one appreciates open light but requires privacy.

Styles of Obscure Glass Windows

There are a number of different styles of obscure glass to choose from. While most are frosted or textured in some way, others use special coatings - such as the reflective coatings applied to one-way mirrors.

Shopping for Obscure Glass Windows

As you can imagine, there are many different outlets that sell obscure glass windows. When shopping, be sure to carefully compare prices and quality. Obscure glass windows can be expensive and getting the best price possible is important.


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Tinted Glass PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 28 August 2013 00:00


Tinted Glass - tinted glass provides additional shading against direct sunlight and warm conditions.

Tinted glass is gaining awareness in the population because of the favorable properties. High quality of heat release movies on a regular basis to meet the expectations of those who seek to block for an efficient window film against UV rays are harmful. Today, nanotechnology is building the prestige of 3M window films single and multiple layers around the world are increasingly used because of the UV and the effective capacity of infrared radiation blocking. 3M window films can block premium of approximately 99.9% of UV rays and 97% of infrared energy. In addition to blocking harmful rays that can influence the level of visible light in the room.

Why your office or home window tinting?

There are several reasons that need to track down the tinted windows. Important factors are the importance of the location of window tinting following list:

Protection against harmful rays:

Low levels of UV radiation is favorable for the production of vitamin D, but overexposure can cause a wide range of health problems. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) to prolonged exposure to UV radiation causes acute and chronic skin, eye inflammation, cataracts and skin cancer, too.

Tinted windows protect effectively against harmful UV rays and infrared. The films are coated on windows to prevent harmful UV rays into the building and the health of people inside. Therefore, tinted glass, widely used in commercial buildings for the health of employees increased productivity will ultimately receive.

Reduce the brightness:

Tinted glass is a reflection on the screen and other equipment, so that by working people, without any problems. In addition, the visible light increases in the room.

Enhanced security features:

In addition to the privacy window painting is also used to improve security. Security films can prevent breakage in case of bad weather or other hazards. In addition, thieves can not see the value of the products in the building.

Protects expensive products:

High intensity of UV radiation is the main cause of the furniture and decoration materials melted. Commercial colored glasses can help to prevent the brightness of elegant furniture to blockage of some high-energy rays effectively.

It keeps the heat inside the building:

During the winter season, a film of the coating with low emissivity glass windows used to be inside to keep the heat in the building.


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